Remember those days when you were a child and treasure hunts proved to be such fun and great adventures? Well guess what? Those days don’t have to be over. Tons of adults nowadays purchase underwater metal detector to aid them in their underwater treasure hunt activities, which is something that can be taken up as a sport or as a jolly pastime.

And if you thought carrying out this activity on dry land was immense fun, try doing it underwater. That’s right, these waterproof and underwater metal detectors have come a long way from the common traditional ones and can be used underwater for myriad of purposes.

The two types that are widely in use today are the very low frequency metal detector(VLF) and the pulse induction metal detector (PI). If you are interested in purchasing any one of these, continue reading this article until the end. Let us have a look at five of the criterias that need to be taken into consideration.

Best Underwater Metal Detector Review


Gone are the days where these metal detectors appear to be large and bulky. Most of the metal detectors these days are nice and lightweight. You will want to keep in mind that this activity will be taking place underwater therefore any of the equipment you possess will certainly have to be light, not light enough so much so that it is flimsy enough to float away however.

You want just enough weight that is comfortable to work with and cast aside all the heavy looking metal detectors as these will only add extra weight to the weight of your own and drag you down. So you can see how that may pose as a difficulty and hinder your productivity. Not only that, you will tire more easily switching the device from one arm to another.

Thus, it is important to select the metal detectors that are lightweight and easy to work with.


It is best to keep in mind that these underwater metal detectors do not come cheap. Most can easily cost you several hundred dollars. Therefore, you will want to pick out one that has great durability and of high quality.
Speaking of durability, in order for the metal detectors to remain in good condition, they should be of the waterproof ones, otherwise since we are dealing with either fresh water or sea water, they will rust and corrode very easily which will leave you with no option but to replace it. The overall metal detector should be built from high quality materials as well that are suitable for use underwater and this shall guarantee it a very long life span.

High quality underwater metal detectors can last for years without replacement, which is very good for your wallet. Also, the overall metal detector should feel solid and firm. Stay away from the flimsy looking ones even though they are at a cheaper price as it will not last long.

If you weren’t already aware, most metal detectors are made from plastic and other composite materials. Plastic is less likely to wear out from the constant contact with water compared to metal made devices.


Moving on to the next criteria, the performance. This is the number one thing that any consumer will first look at. But you must also have a picture in mind of what you are looking for. For example. If you are just starting out as a beginner, a basic underwater metal detector will suffice compared to the highly improvised ones.

Some of the basic, must have functions and capabilities to look out for are the sensitivity ( how sensitive it is towards detecting metal, be it gold, coins, etc)and pitch ( how loud)of the underwater metal detector. Do take note that underwater metal detectors come with waterproof headphones that blocks out other noises, thus enabling you to hear the pitch better.

The depth and distance of which the underwater metal detector is able to function is also worth noting. If there is a light function upon the discovery of the metal, even better!

Power Source

If you did not already know, underwater metal detectors run on battery sources. A standard metal detector uses a normal battery that may need to be charged every few days or weekly depending on the usage of course. Where else, an underwater metal detector completely differs.

It uses a special kind of battery, often at higher voltages that that have been specifically designed to be of use underwater. It will certainly help knowing what kind of battery the metal detector runs on so you can get estimate battery life and even replace it in the future if need be. A regular battery will not work on these underwater metal detectors, therefore it is pointless to get those.

This is because they are not designed to withstand the salt content of the water. Therefore, you may want to purchase a few of the required batteries and keep them at hand.


When handling any sort of equipment, it’s comfort and ease of use should definitely not be overlooked. You will be spending a considerable amount of time underwater after all looking for coins and scraps of other metals thus it is important to ensure that the experience is as smooth sailing and pleasurable as can be. Some of these underwater metal detectors even come with comfortable grips, to ease tension and pressure from your hand, so those are ones to definitely look out for.

Moreover, considering the fact that you will have to travel to your location, it is best to get a metal detector that is portable and can be transported easily. This way, there is less hassle involved and you can look forward to a fun filled experience. Ones that come with a number of buttons and functions may leave you feeling clueless thus if you are a beginner, start off with the easy ones and make sure they are comfortable for use by you.

1. Weight is rated accordingly.
2. Durability is rated from low to high.
3. Performance is rated accordingly.
4. Power source is rated accordingly.
5. Comfort is rated from very bad to very good.

ProductWeightDurabilityPerformancePower SourceComfort
Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector8 ouncesHighFast retune, vibration mode, LED, sensitivity setting, etc1 9V batteryVery Good
Bounty Hunter Metal Detector3.8 poundsHighTarget strength meter, sensitivity control,battery indicator,etc2 9V batteryVery Good
ForagerGo Metal Detector2.6 poundsAverageAuto tune and ground control feature2 9V batteryGood
Ace 250 Metal Detector4.5 poundsHighSensitivity setting, notch discrimination, pinpoint feature, etc4 AA batteryGood
American Hawks Metal Detector5 poundsAverageSensitivity setting,LED lights, auto ground feature, etc1 9V batteryGood
Tesoro Metal Detector6.3 poundsHigh2 Operation modes, pulse induction technology,microprocessor,etc8 AA batteryVery Good
XeeStore Metal Detector5 poundsAverageSensitivity setting, LCD display, terget identity, etc6 1.5V AA batteryGood
Fisher F75 Metal Detector4.7 poundsHighLCD display, ground feature,double filter discrimination, etc4 AA batteryVery Good

Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector Review

Garrett 1140900 Underwater Metal Detector
From the look of the model itself, you can probably already conclude that it is lightweight and solid. You are right for standing at a weight of 8 ounces, it is indeed very light. Also do note that the design itself is very sleek and the Garrett metal detector does not come in the typical colors of black and gray, instead is comes in a vivid orange color which is a refreshing change.

In terms of durability, rest assured this underwater metal detector lives up to it’s name and is waterproof. In fact it is waterproof up to 10 feet, So it is great for deeper waters as well. Despite this metal detector being lightweight, it is very sturdy and well built thus it will be sticking around for a long time with proper use and care.

Moving on to the performance, gosh where do we even start? First off let us begin with the sensitivity. There are 3 levels of sensitivity to choose from to find nuggets and other smaller things. All 3 sensitivity settings have good depth range.Also, it has a fast retune feature that enables the metal detector to instantly rune out the environment and narrow detection field for precise pin pointing of targets.

Moreover, there is a LED flashlight for low light uses. And if you thought that was all, hang on there’s more. It also has the ability to de-sensitize the pointer in more mineralized ground by simply turning it on within a closer proximity to the ground or saltwater which means that this can also be used to narrow in on a target more quickly in deeper holes.

Vibration modes and sound settings are also included. How cool is that. As for the power source, Only one 9V battery is needed which is included, but if you need to replace it, you can easily find these batteries at your local hardware store. It is a snap to use and so comfortable as well.

It comes with a holster for added convenience. You are able to reset the sensitivity with the push of the single control button and the ability to silence it and use vibration only with the same button. As for the disadvantages, great news for there are no major ones to this amazing product.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector
The Bounty Hunter underwater metal detector has a very unique and rugged design and stands at a weight of 3.8 pounds which is pretty light due to it being made out of 100% plastic, which means it will be very easy to carry around and use. As for the durability, it is waterproof ( 8 inch waterproof search coil, completely submersible) and very ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions as well.

As for the performance, more specifically,it detects coin-size targets up to 8 inches deep; larger targets up to 2 feet. Brass, silver, gold, iron, aluminium, you name it and the metal detector shall find it. This one is loaded with tons of features to enhance it’s performance as well so let’s take a closer look. There are 2 modes of operation to choose from and there is 2 tone audio discrimination as well for better clarity.

Also, a target strength meter is included and discrimination control is present. This is so as to eliminate undesirable targets. The notch/disc control is responsible for this. The preset ground balance function neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground.

As for the power source, it runs on two 9V alkaline batteries and has an operating frequency of 6.6kHz which is very precise and easily controlled. A battery life indicator is also present, which enables you to gage the length of use of the item.As far as comfort is concerned, the Bounty Hunter metal detector is so easy to use and it’s length is fully adjustable as well.

All for your better convenience. If anything should displease you, there is a 5 year warranty attachment that will get the defects fixed. A easy to use knob control interface is also available to maximize depth of detection with the power/sensitivity control and enables a quick switch between Discrimination, All-Metal and Tone modes with a flick of the mode toggle. Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble with the help of the instruction manual.

And lastly, there is a padded armrest and cushioned hand grip to relieve the strain and pressure from your hands. Some of the disadvantages include, there is no volume control, it is a one level fits all sound and it has a tendency to keep beeping repeatedly. Lastly, this metal detector is not able to distinguish between the different types of metal, it only locates them. However, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

ForagerGo Metal Detector Review

ForagerGo Metal Detector
Weighing at 2.6 pounds, this metal detector is certainly much lighter than most of it’s competition. It comes with a simple, sleek, matte black design. Moving on to the durability criteria, for such an affordable price, this metal detector is considered to be very durable.

This is due to both the adjustable stem and the search coil at the end of the metal detector are waterproof, so you can search for flecks of lost metal be it at the bottom of a shallow pool or trickling creek. In terms of performance, with its one touch auto-tune, this metal detector is perfect for both budding treasure hunters and experienced, knowledgeable metal collectors to configure and use.

Also, the ground control feature automatically teams up with the rest of the features to aid you as best as it can in your search for metal. Moreover, it works incredibly efficiently to filter out false positives and misleading readings that can be very irritating. It runs on 2 9V alkaline batteries which are not included, as most of the underwater metal detectors do.

This metal detector was absolutely made with comfort in mind for the adjustable metal shaft and comfortable, arm-supporting handle makes sure this metal detector is easy for people of different sizes, ages, and levels of experience to use without any hassle. Even kids from the age of 7 and up shall find this a breeze and not complicated at all.There is also a 1 year warranty attachment and if you thought that things could not get any better, well it just did.

It also takes a very short amount of time to set up and then you are good to go. Despite it being at an already affordable price, thus ForagerGo metal detector comes with a 5 in 1 folding shovel ( works very well) and a beginners guide( gives you a better understanding of how to find treasures). That is such value for money!

Let us have a look at the disadvantages, this metal detector is not able to tell you how deep an object might be or what the object is. It is mildly difficult to read signals on the analog display as the needle is very jumpy. On top of that, the audible alert tends to stop working at times.

Ace 250 Metal Detector Review

Ace 250 Metal Detector
At a weight of 4.5 pounds, this underwater metal detector is still lightweight and good for on the go activities and trips. It has a great rugged outdoor design which is responsible for drawing customers attention and with it’s innovative technology, this is one of the must have’s for anyone whom needs a underwater metal detector. It’s Performance coil, the 6.5 x 9″ ACE coil is entirely waterproof thus it will hold up really well regardless of use in either salt water or fresh water.

Let us take a closer look at the Ace’s performance. It has a large 10’’ scan area for fast and accurate scanning. Plus, the electronic pinpoint feature with metal depth gauge enables for quick and easy retrieval. It’s graphic target id with 12 element notch discrimination will surely impress you! Put it to the test and experience it for yourself.

Due to the sensitive nature of this metal detector, it is able to detect all sorts of metal ranging from nickel, copper, aluminium,gold to even silver. This metal detector runs on 4 Duracell AA batteries which are already included, and if in need of replacement, you can easily find those just about anywhere. If they are new, they can last anywhere from 20-24 hours.

A helpful tip: keep circulating them as they lose power within the unit for max use. The touch and go technology incorporated into this metal detector gives such a easy and comfortable experience to use and handle. Not only that, the entire device is very compact and portable thus it will fit easily into luggage bags and vehicles.

The display also manages to cram in a lot of stuff into a small space without being confusing. Moreover, assembly is very simple and it even comes with a DVD. Keep in mind that it will take a little time to get accustomed to the tones and sounds associated with each piece of metal but once you get the hang of it, it will be smooth sailing all the way.

Regarding the subject of disadvantages, this metal detector has a speaker but it does not have volume control( no volume knob), thus you will want to purchase headphones with volume control. Also, the shaft is a little on the flimsy side, but it is easy to stabilize if you desire. Lastly, despite turning down the default setting, it still goes off pretty frequently.

American Hawks Metal Detector Review

American Hawks Metal Detector
For an item that weighs slightly more than the rest of the metal detectors, you would expect it to be large and bulky. However this is not the case for the American Hawks Metal Detector for although weighing 5 pounds, the manufacturers have successfully managed to keep this item light and portable. Durability wise, it has a strong, sturdy build and has a 6.5 inch waterproof search coil.

With that being said, it can also be used in shallow water where most gold and silver rings are found. Moving on to the aspect of performance, it has a sensitivity of more than 8 ( for a US quarter ). Upon detection of a metal, a buzzer sounds and the LED lights up for easy detection. It also comes with a sensitivity adjustment control so that you are able to locate metals such as copper, aluminium, platinum, gold,silver and many more.

While we are on the topic of sensitivity, it has 3 adjusting knobs and volume control, which some metal detectors come without. Once a metal has been detected, a sound ( tone ) will be emitted from the built in speakers and the strength of the signal will be displayed. And what the strength signal meter does is help in determining target size and depth.

This particular unit can be set to detect all Metals or set for Motion Discrimination to distinguish ferrous and non ferrous metals.Plus, the auto ground balance feature make this detector so easy to use without any hassles. To power it up, all you need is a 1 9V battery which is already included. Moreover, it is so easy to operate and the shaft extends from 23″ to 34 1/2″.

Thus, you can easily adjust it to suit your height and frame. There is also an adjustable arm support for better comfort.As an added plus, this metal detector also comes with a headphone, waterproof of course and a bag as well.
Moving on to the disadvantages, there a few for no item is fully perfect without flaws. The first one being, the electrical connections are quite lose and short out, causing false alarms. Next, the lower rod to upper rod connection assembly is very weak but you can easily reinforce it with simple parts from the hardware store, so little DIY on you part will be needed. The coupler holding the two pieces of shaft together is quite flimsy too.

Tesoro Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Metal Detector
The exorbitant price may leave you absolutely horrified with your jaw hanging open but let me just say that the Tesoro metal detector certainly means business. It is better suited for those whom are veterans of this sport and know their way around a metal detector and a pro in metal detecting. Thus if you are beginner, I suggest you take a look at the other options.

It has a weight of 6.3 pounds, which is considered slightly heavier than the average metal detector, but this will not weigh you down in any way. It is still perfectly easy to manage. In terms of it’s build, it has a rugged, solid appearance with colours such as gold, blue and black which are a great combination.

The Tesoro has a 10.5 inch waterproof coil which is much longer than the others if you have noted. The Tesoro metal detector is amazing in all aspects and for it’s price it should certainly be so let us take a closer look. To start things off, it has been engineered with advanced digital pulse induction technology for the new millennium. Pulse induction metal detectors have always been the top choice for working wet salt beaches.

This is simply because, the single loop coils and the circuit will not see changes in salt-water conductivity that drive a very low frequency(VLF) style metal detector crazy. Furthermore, you are able to choose from 2 operating modes which are: VCO and normal. With the usage of the VCO mode, once a target gets closer to the coil, the threshold will generate a louder higher pitched tone great for pinpointing.

On the other hand, the normal mode functions with a single tone and is better suited for beach combing and other prolonged searches. It doesn’t just stop there. The Tesoro has a microprocessor to help customize the detector to your specific needs. On top of that, this unit has included a pulse width control which allows you to tune your detector to the best balance of depth ( it can go up to a depth of 200 feet), sensitivity, and battery life.

Regarding the power source, this unit requires 8 AA batteries and they can last for 10-20 hours based on your settings. The Tesoro metal detector has a new drop-in battery compartment for quick and easy changes. This metal detector is extremely easy to use and your metal detecting will certainly be one filled with pleasure. There are no major disadvantages to this amazing piece of technology.

XeeStore Metal Detector Review

XeeStore Metal Detector
Judging from the slim, sleek design, it is fairly easy to conclude that this metal detector is one that is light and portable. In terms of durability, the metal detector holds up very well in constant use of saltwater or fresh water. It has a waterproof search coil that enables for easy detecting in shallow water and even certain ponds. The great news is that this metal detector functions perfectly well in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C.

The XeeStore metal detector has many specifications and features so let us take a closer look. First off, it has a sensitivity range of up to 8’’ which is equivalent to a US¢50. Next, it has an operating current of Standby - 65mA, Max - 150mA, operating voltage of 72 - 9.6V and operating frequency of 7.5kHz +/- 1kHz. It is always good when the manufacturer lists down the exact specifications as the customer can be more fully certian of exactly what they are after.

This one here is capable of detecting all kinds of metal objects be it coins, jewellery or silver.Hence, there are no limitations whatsoever. Moreover, it even has a LCD that comes with light for better identification of the metal at night. As for the target identity, detected objects will be shown on the LCD display, thus you can decide for yourself if that particular object is worth recovering.

You do not have to keep your eyes glued to the LCD display however, for when an object is detected, a unique tone corresponding to a target will generate. There are no clumsy slack cables either for the hidden search coil cable which connects between the control unit and search coil avoid entangling and makes the plug more reliable. Volume control is available to adjust the output volume to the loud speaker.

As for the power source, it runs on 6 1.5V AA alkaline batteries and there is a battery condition indicator provided. In terms of comfort and convenience, the length of machine is adjustable for comfortable use and a headphone jack is given for headphone connection. The disadvantages to this metal detector would be that it can be touchy until you get used to the sensitivity of each and every setting.

Furthermore, it’s sensitivity is quite partial to aluminium thus if you are using it by the beach, you will tend to find a lot of aluminium but it is still capable of finding all the other metals. Lastly it does have a PP button for pinpointing objects but the instructions tell you nothing whatsoever and it does not perform very well. If you are willing to overlook these minor setbacks, the XeeStore metal detector will still be a good purchase.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F75 Metal Detector
This metal detector is definitely highly priced, however it has a classic feel and look to it that the other more cheaper ones does not simply have. The colour of black and gold certainly lends this metal detector an eye catching appearance. At a weight of 4.7 pounds, it promises to be lightweight with an ergonomic design.

Durability wise, this metal detector holds up really well in all conditions and has a double D waterproof search coil, which is of the highest quality. A rain cover is also provided for the cover housing as the entire device is not waterproof. This metal detector gives a powerful performance due to it’s actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch, for better distinction.

It also comes with a large LCD screen for target identification display but it is not lighted however. Moreover, the double filter discrimination modes enable the metal detector to search in trash filled areas with ease. The ground balance feature is available as well. Instant or manual ground cancellation works in all modes for your further information.

The non volatile memory function saves settings and is perfect for use in low light conditions. A built in speaker is present but headphones are vastly preferred when detecting because using headphones actually increases battery life and enables you to hear the tones more clearly. It shall please you to know that this metal detector is very sensitive to small pieces of jewelry and coins.

In addition, this Fisher metal detector comes at a very low operating cost which can last up to 40 plus hours with 4 AA batteries. Moving on, the 2 way adjustable armrest provides excellent comfort. No more worries about arm strain or discomfort.Navigating through the menu and settings is a breeze by the way. Set up is extremely quick and easy as well. There are no major disadvantages to this amazing device which is definitely an added bonus.


Well there you have it folks! Hope this article has been able to aid you in making up your minds as to which underwater metal detector to choose. Each one of these metal detectors listed above is special and unique in their own ways thus you shall be able to find one that suits you best ( the comparison table might prove to be especially helpful). Happy treasure hunting!