A metal detector is an electronic device that detects the presence of metals nearby such as gold, silver, coins and even valuable relics. It is mainly used for archaeology, as a hobby, security screening in airports for instance and also used for industrial and engineering purposes.

The concept of how a metal detector works is by the magnetic field is produced when your device is above a metal object. Hence, electric current flows inside the metal object thus triggering your metal detector to detect a metal.
Apart from that, choosing the best metal detector depends on where you live and plan to use it, your budget, and the objects you are interested in finding. However, most detectors manufactured nowadays are multipurpose so you don’t have to purchase one for a specific purpose only.

For example, if you live close to lakes, rivers or ocean in which your metal detectors need to be submerged in water, you should get a metal detector with waterproof housing for the best performance. Also, you’ll need to get a detector with higher power if you are to search for objects buried deeply with more depth.

Factors in choosing the best metal detector:

1. The depth is measured in metres.
2. The operating frequency is measured in kHz.
3. The weight is measured in pounds (lbs).
4. The setup is rated from easy to hard.
5. The accuracy is rated from low to high.


The depth is vertical distance measured of how deep your metal lies buried. Most metal detectors measures up to 8 inches depending on its individual capability and the surroundings. For example, a larger sized metal object is easier to be detected compared to a tiny piece.

Higher powered metal detectors operating at higher frequencies are able to detect metals with shorter depth which will give you a more precise reading. Also, it depends on the type of the soil as heavily mineralized soil will tend to reduce the penetration power of your detector.

Operating Frequency

Operating frequency plays an important role in finding the metal detected by your detector. Operating frequency in a metal detector is the number of electronic waves sent into the ground to detect metal.

For example detectors with lower frequency is better for detecting high conductivity targets with larger size meanwhile detectors with higher frequency is suitable to detect low conductivity targets such as gold nuggets with smaller size. High frequency detectors are more accurate as they detect metals closer to the surface.


The weight of the metal detector is the total mass of it altogether. It should be light so it is easier to transport and handle especially when you are going to be using it for a long period of time. Some metal detectors on the other hand can be dismantled into smaller parts so you can further reduce the weight and ensure much easier transportation.


The setup of the metal detector varies between easy and hard depending on its settings. Metal detectors with advanced features such as notch features as well as numerous level target ID and ground balancing requires more than the general knowledge on the operation of the metal detector.

However, you can always refer to the user manual and tutorial videos for further clarification and extra guidance.


The accuracy of the metal detector is how well it can detect a metal buried and pinpoint the exact location of it. Not only that, the accuracy of a metal detector can be greatly improved by getting a metal detector that has a pinpointer feature as well as discrimination mode.

The discrimination mode will help you choose useful metals by differentiating the valuable treasures from trash. Also, phantom or false signals can be prevented with an accurate metal detector.

Name of ProductDepthFrequencyWeightSetupAccuracyPrice
Teknetiks Delta 4000 Metal Detector 8 inches7.8 kHz2.6 lbsModerateHigh$$$
White’s Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector 8 inches8 kHz2.5 lbsModerateHigh$$$
Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector 6 inches12 kHz3 lbsEasyModerate$$$
Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector 9 inches6.6 kHz4 lbsModerateHigh$$$
Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Metal Detector with Pin Pointer 8 inches6.6 kHz2.8 lbsModerateHigh$$$
Bounty Hunter TK4 IV Metal Detector 8 inches6.6 kHz4.2 lbsEasyModerate$$
Fisher F4 Metal Detector 8 inches5.9 kHz2.6 lbsModerateHigh$$$
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector 8 inches15 kHz3 lbsModerateHigh$$$
Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector 8 inches10 kHz3 lbsEasyHigh$$$
Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector 8 inches6.5 kHz2.7 lbsModerateHigh$$$

Teknetiks Delta 4000 Metal Detector Review

Teknetiks Delta 4000 Best Metal Detector
Weighing just 2.6 lbs, Teknetik’s metal detector is user-friendly and ideal for coin shooting, relic hunting and gold prospecting. It works well for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. However, this unit doesn’t have a ground balance feature so it might be a little tough to find tiny pieces of metal scattered where you hunt.

Moreover, this metal detector is equipped with a large and easy-to-read LCD display screen with 2-digit numerical target ID system so you can identify your target easily. The running depth indicator on this product on the other hand allows you to identify targets from depth, zero to eight inches deep so you can even find objects buried deep underground.

This product functions at an operating frequency of 7.8 kHz and runs for up to 25 hours on a single 9V battery. In other words, it saves energy and the battery can last for a long time however it is always wise to bring a spare along with you. Not only that, this metal detector is also simple to use and lightweight for ease of handling.

Furthermore, this metal detector has a 3-tone audio discrimination which works excellently in which you can adjust the targets to be rejected and accepted according to your preference. It also can be used for all metal modes so you can find any varying type of metals.

This product comes with a fully static push-button pinpoint for you to use it during pin-point mode. This pinpoint is accurate along with the depth finder of this product. Also, this metal detector has an overload alarm system and an adjustable sensitivity to improve the accuracy of depth of your metal detector.

Apart from that, this product comes with an 8 inch concentric waterproof search coil. Nevertheless, only the coil is waterproof and not the control box so refrain from submerging the control box in the water. Also, this metal detector is not ideal for saltwater beaches or highly mineralized soils.

This metal detector has no memory so you need to adjust the settings all over each time you turn it on. Also, it has an adjustable volume of its built-in speaker so you can adjust the loudness well-suited to you.

Suitable for :
• 3-tone audio discrimination
• Running depth indicator
• Push-button pinpoint
• Adjustable sensitivity

White’s Coinmaster Pro Metal Detector Review

White’s Coinmaster Pro Best Metal Detector Review
The Smart Notch feature of this product allows you to reject tabs at low discrimination or accept nickels and gold and valuable metals at higher discrimination. The five-range discrimination can be adjusted so you can hear everything or only the signal types you choose for the object you want to find.

Weighing just 2.5 lbs, this lightweight and rugged water-resistant box comes with a pair of 9V battery and a waterproof 9 inch spider coil so you can attempt beach exploration with your metal detector in which it can be fully submerged in water.

Apart from that, it has target ID display for identification of targets you hunt. The PRO model’s Tone ID on the other hand goes a step further with different audio tones for discovering nails and irons, jewelleries and coins. In other words, the different tones are played when different objects are discovered so you will be more aware of the useful objects found.

The depth reading is from zero to eight inches deep so you can find objects in between that range with your metal detector. Also, the sensitivity of this product is adjustable so the depths are maximized in varying grounds which in return allows you to deal with varying ground mineralization types.

Moreover, this metal detector provides depth readings with good precision. It is also easy to use due to its simple assembly and settings, thus suitable for both beginners and experienced hunters. However, if you have any issues with the settings, you can refer to the user manual provided for further clarification.

Besides that, this product is equipped with a pinpoint button which is simple to operate. You just have to push it once and it will stay in pinpoint mode until you press it again to resume normal operation.

Working just like a hand-held pinpointer, it will become extremely sensitive to the locations of the metal while emitting a constant tone. Then, it will become even louder when the detector reach over the target you seek.

Suitable for :
• Smart Notch feature
• Tone ID feature
• Pinpoint button
• Adjustable sensitivity

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Compadre Best Metal Detector Review
Tesoro’s metal detector operates at a frequency of 12 kHz, requires a 9V battery and has a small coil. This small 5.75 inch coil allows you to pinpoint the object you’re finding with ease, go around obstacles and finally go inside small and narrow holes to discover your target.

Moreover, this product works great for coin hunting, competition hunting and relic hunting but does so without any excess knob. In other words, you can accept or reject the type of objects you are finding whether valuable or not by turning the knob further. Therefore, the further you turn the knob, the higher the discrimination.

Apart from that, this metal detector has a weight of 3 lbs. It is lightweight and simple to use hence very suitable for beginners due to its simplicity of settings. In other words, you just have to switch on the detector and you are already working in a silent search, all metal mode motion to find targets in that area.

Also, it has a single knob to adjust discrimination with ease so you can choose the right level to find your missing object. However, don’t increase it too much because even some good and valuable objects might get rejected. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the right discrimination when hunting.

Furthermore, this metal detector comes with a headphone jack but no headphones though it has a built-in loudspeaker. Hence, if you prefer using headphones when finding your target to greatly reduce outside noise, you are advised to purchase one separately.

Not only that, this product is not too ideal for beach hunting so if you plan to attempt beach hunting, you are advised to get the Sand Shark Tesoro version metal detector which is specially designed for metal detecting at beaches.

Besides that, this metal detector has an excellent sensitivity as it can find targets with depth up to 6 inches. Also, it has a good balance so it is able to pick up small metal objects scattered provided you adjust your discrimination the right level with the simple single knob that comes with this product.

Suitable for :
• Adjustable single knob
• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• Great balance

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Best Metal Detector
This metal detector is equipped with Sniff Mode feature so you can adjust your detector to eliminate or accept only an item on the target ID scale. Also, you can reject one type of item repeatedly while still detecting any other metals. In other words, Sniff Mode ‘clones’ target precise hunting so you can discover the items you are searching for.

Weighing just 4 lbs, this product operates at a frequency of 6.6 kHz and requires two 9V alkaline batteries to function. It is also equipped with a blanker system to eliminate surface while searching deeper. In other words, you can reject unwanted targets easily with a push of a button.

Its 3-tone audio discrimination gives unique varying tone for different kinds of metal discovered to alert you of the type of target found meanwhile its Ground-Trac feature monitors ground mineralization for efficient operation which in return balances this metal detector to different soil conditions. Also, it has a great ground balance monitor system.

Apart from that, the metal detector comes with an 8 inch concentric waterproof search coil in which you are able to submerge fully into water hence it being waterproof and can detect metals underwater at certain depths of zero to nine inch approximately on land and water.

This product has a programmable notching system where you can choose which item to accept and reject according to your preference and depending on how valuable it is by adjusting the discrimination level. Therefore, metallic trash are rejected and you also are less likely to experience a false signal.

Moreover, this metal detector has a built-in speaker and headphone jack so you can easily hear the sound produced by the detector when a metal is detected. Not only that, this product is a little complicated to use since there are many functions and settings nevertheless, you can refer to Bounty Hunter’s comprehensive online tutorial and manual.

Furthermore, this product comes with a large, multifunction LCD readout with a programmable touchpad controls that display target depth, sensitivity level, ground balance monitor, iron level discrimination and battery level so you can easily view the details of the metal detector and the metal you are detecting.

Suitable for :
• Ground-balance monitor system
• Programmable notching system
• Sniff Mode

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Metal Detector with Pin Pointer Review

Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Metal Detector with Pin Pointer
Bounty Hunter pinpointer is included with the purchase of this product. It pinpoints the exact location of the buried metal you are searching for, produces audio and vibration signal, has an audible battery strength indicator, adjustable sensitivity control and is easy to use with a single knob control.

Furthermore, it has a fully automatic ground balance system with squelch-technology that eliminates all false signals. False signals occur any time your detector responds to metal when there is actually no metal there.
This preset ground balance neutralizes the response to the ground mineral content. Hence, with this feature, you will experience the best metal detector performance. It also has an easy-to-view LCD display which is readable at varying distances so you can view the details of the metal detector and metal you are detecting easily.

Weighing just 2.8 lbs, the operating frequency of this metal detector is 6.6 kHz while it requires two 9V batteries to operate. Apart from that, it has 3 different modes of operation which is the motion all-metal, progressive discrimination and variable notch system for it to function well.

Its push-button discrimination and 1-touch sensitivity depth control makes it simple to use as you just have to turn one knob and push one button to adjust the settings. Not only that, it has a 3-tone audio identification that makes different noises when detecting different type of metals.

Moreover, this metal detector has an 8 inch waterproof-search coil that can measure depth readings of up to 8 inches. It is also suitable to be used in areas with water as the coil has a waterproof housing. In terms of ergonomics on the other hand, the efficiency of this metal detector is enhanced by its adjustable height, padded armrest, S-rod system and detector stand.

Apart from that, this product comes with a ¼ inch headphone jack (headphones not included) which is compatible with most headphone coil system. It also has an audio feedback internal built-in speakers in which produces the sound when a metal is detected.

Suitable for :
• Push-button discrimination
• 3-tone audio identification
• Pinpointer included
• 3 modes of operation

Bounty Hunter TK4 IV Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter TK4 IV Metal Detector
This rugged metal detector is ideal for detecting items and metals in extreme ground conditions. This is vastly due to the preset ground balance feature which neutralizes the response to mineral content in the ground thus further preventing phantom signals from occurring.

Moreover, this product is able to detect coin-size targets up to 8 inches deep and larger targets up to 2 feet as well as also detects the presence of all metals whether ferrous or non-ferrous. Not only that, it has an operating frequency of 6.6 kHz and need 2 9V batteries to function.

Weighing just 4.2 lbs, this metal detector has 3 motion mode which is the all-metal mode, discrimination mode and 2-tone audio mode. You can quickly switch between all these 3 modes with ease with the toggle switch.
The disc and notch control distinguishes between wanted and unwanted metal targets. Therefore, the discrimination control eliminates undesirable targets while the 2-tone audio mode produces 2 different sounds when detecting different type of metals around the area.

Apart from that, this metal detector has a built-in speaker and a 1/4 inch headphone jack in which its volume can be adjusted according to your preference. You will have to buy headphones separately then connect it to the jack if you prefer using headphones to reduce outside noise without interference.

Furthermore, this product comes with an 8 inch waterproof search coil which is completely submersible hence can be used for detecting metals and treasures in shallow waters. Also, this product is easy to understand once you understand all its settings and modes in which you can self-learn through the user manual.

This metal detector is a little lower in quality compared to other metal detectors however, it is still functions well and is worth your investment due to its affordable price.

Suitable for :
• 3 motion mode
• Preset ground balance
• Disc/notch control

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F4 Metal Detector
This metal detector is highly recommended for coin shooting, relic hunting and beach hunting. Weighing 2.6 lbs, this lightweight metal detector operates at a frequency of 5.9 kHz and requires a pair of 9V battery to function.
Moreover, it is equipped with a 4-tone audio ID in which you can discover different target metals as its 2 digit numeric target ID ranging from 0-99 level displays the most likely metal match. Also, this product has an 11 inch bi-axial search coil in which its 11-segmented visual target ID successfully differentiates treasure from trash.

It has a one-touch notch which is able to pinpoint the exact location of the metal you’re seeking and how deep you should dig with numeric depth readout. On the other hand, this notch control also lets you ignore select trash categories such as foil or pull tabs.

Apart from that, this product comes with an all metal and discrimination mode. The all metal mode has an auto tune button that provides automatic ground balance in good soil conditions while the discrimination control on the other hand uses a single tone to eliminate trash and other unwanted materials.

Furthermore, the sensitivity controls on this metal detector is able to detect small objects up to 8 inches deep. It also adjusts soil mineralization and electronic interference as well as tune out background unwanted noise from mineralized soils with its threshold control.

This product comes with an easy-to-read LCD screen. This screen features a 2 digit display that shows target ID number along with target category readout that distinguishes between all types of metals. It also displays the depth meter of the metal which is also known as target depth together with the battery life indicator while the detector is moving.

Besides that, this product is easy to setup and manage provided you understand each of its settings and features. If you have any doubts, you can refer to the user manual provided for extra guidance.

Suitable for :
• 4-tone audio ID
• All-metal and discrimination mode
• One-touch notch

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
AT Pro’s metal detector can be used in all terrain, both land and water up to a depth of 10 feet. The whole metal detector, from its coil and control box has a waterproof housing hence is able to be fully submerged in water to detect metals underwater.

Not only that, the ground balancing is not too hard and must be set manually. Therefore, you just have to hold the ground balance button on display and move the detector up and down towards the ground for a few times. Then, you will hear a sound that changes pitch and volume and a number will display on the screen. Once it is stabilized, the unit is ground balanced.

This metal detector has a weight of 3 lbs which is extremely lightweight. It operates on a frequency of 15 kHz and runs on 4AA batteries which should last for about 15 to 20 hours of detecting time, however it is good to always bring a spare with you.

Moreover, this product comes with a digital target ID with scale ranging from 0 to 99 levels hence increasing its ability to differentiate between distinguished target and trash. Also, this many level range of target ID scale also allows you to differentiate between all types of metal.

Headphones with adjustable volume however not waterproof are included with the purchase of this product so you can use them when hunting to greatly reduce the background noise. Also, this product comes with a booklet and instructional DVD to help you understand the operation and settings of this metal detector.

Besides that, this metal detector has a great pinpointing features so it will pinpoint the exact location of the metal you’re seeking with accurate depth readings. It also has adjustable sensitivity which you can control according to your preference that further contributes to the accurate depth readings of your metal.

Furthermore, this metal detector is equipped with a pro mode audio feature so you are able to hear audios of your target as it is in all-metal mode. Not only that, it has high-resolution iron discrimination with range 1-40 and does an excellent job of picking out useful and valuable targets out of trash.

Suitable for :
• High-res iron discrimination
• Used in all terrain
• Pro mode audio feature

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Review

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector
ACE 400 metal detector includes a search coil, ACE environmental cover up, search-coil covers to prevent the coil from getting damaged (scratched) and easy-stow headphones that is able to control volume. This search coil is waterproof however the control box is not so you are advised to not submerge this metal detector fully in water.

Besides that, this product can be broken down into a few parts for easy transport. The assembly process afterwards is rather straightforward hence this product is simple to use once you have understood its operation and settings. Also, it requires 4AA batteries to operate and an operating frequency of 10 kHz.

This product also features a coin depth indicator and target ID that can detect all sorts of metal types as well as depth of your target. The depth measured depends on the size of the object and mineralization of soil so it approximately gives depth readings of about 8 inches deep.

Moreover, this metal detector has no ground balancing nevertheless you can adjust the sensitivity up and down to adjust the ground balance. Also, this product is sensitive to small items and has 8 different sensitivity levels so you can make an accurate and precise depth adjustments and readings.

Weighing 3 lbs, this product has great discrimination modes that are accurate and easy to customize. In other words, it is able to successfully distinguish valuable metals from trash. The target ID on the other hand lets you know the different type of metals available at the area you are hunting.

Furthermore, this product has a large and clear display that shows the important details regarding the metal detector such as the depth reading, battery level indicator and 5 different search modes of this product. Also, it has an iron audio feature that allows user to hear discriminated iron in order to avoid getting phantom signals.

Apart from that, the pulse-width modulation and electronic pinpointing feature of this metal detector is excellent and precise. The pulse-width modulation produces distinctive audio tones depending on the type of metal found and the pinpointing feature pinpoints the exact location of the metal you are seeking.

Suitable for :
• Coin-depth indicator
• Iron audio feature
• Electronic pinpointing
• 8 sensitivity levels

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector Review

Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector
The ACE 250 metal detector features an electronic pinpointing feature to precisely locate the target you are seeking. It also has speedy recovery so you can get on to find your next object after the previous one in a short period of time. In other words, recovery time is the time it takes a detector to reset itself for the next target.

Apart from that, this metal detector has five distinct search modes in which you have to select and pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own continuous coin depth. This feature will help you differentiate treasure from trash so you don’t have to waste your time finding useless objects. Also, the coin tone feature helps you spot good signals easily hence detecting valuable coins effectively.

The depth indicator of this metal detector determines the accurate target depth meanwhile the battery condition indicator displays battery life continually. The interchangeable ACE series search coils available also enhances the depth accuracy as well as produce a faster recovery time so you can attempt hunting for your next target.

Furthermore, the other features of this product are an adjustable arm cuff, quarter inch size headphone jack, instructional DVD, headphones with adjustable volume, small shovel for digging the metal detected and lastly a 3 piece travel storage as your metal detector can be dismantled and broken down into smaller parts so it is easy to transport.

Moreover, the expanded target ID feature of this metal detector makes it easy to identify different type of metals to read above the large LCD screen which is easy to see, adjust and customize. Also, push button controls are available with simple and straightforward one-touch operation.

This product on the other hand has a 9 inch submersible coil as well as operates on 4AA batteries. However, the controller is not waterproof so refrain from submerging the whole metal detector into the water. Also, this product is highly recommended to be used for dry beach and fresh water hunting but not for salt water.

Not only that, it has varying search modes such as discrimination mode, electronic pinpointing mode, all metal mode and the special purpose jewellery custom relics coin pinpoint mode.

Suitable for :
• Coin tone
• Electronic pinpointing
• Expanded target ID


In a nutshell, factors such as depth, operating frequency, weight, setup and accuracy should be taken into consideration when choosing the best metal detector well suited to your needs.
Therefore, I hope my review helps you make the right choice.