About Me


Hi, my name is Micheal Joseph Henry, i’m from Georgia, United States Of America.

As a kid, metal detecting is just assumed to be a kind of way to have fun and get engaged with my friends. Every time we go to the beach, you can assume that we will go with surf boards, swim suits, beach wears etc. but trust me metal detector became as important as a third eye that helps us find coins, jewelries and other valuable metals. It is so easy and fun, I remember I used to go hungry to save up to acquire a metal detector.

However metal detecting became more than I used to know just as time pass, it became a hobby for me, and I realized it is just wider in scope as well. As you may know or not the country has activities in place for Detectorist, so I signed up for coin shooting events and I was amazed with the crowd of Detectorist I found. It showed how metal detecting and preservation is important to the country as it is in history how much natural and prolific artifacts have been found using the metal detectors; I met people who have lots of experiences in different areas such as the technology itself, archeology beach combing and coin shooting.

It all make sense to me, everything became a course. I began to make research on the level of technology and their availability, self-educate on history of metals, visited museums. It never seem boring, I enjoy it. To get more exposure, I signed up for metal detecting club which is a set up for hobbyist to learn from others, show off finds from their hunts and learn more about the hobby. I met ex-service men who learnt the act while serving the nation and others who perceive it to be a source of living, but to me it’s everything I ever enjoyed.

Being a hobbyist, I look forward to create awareness for metal detecting, educate and serve young minds the long run benefits of metal detecting, mentor on how to make a living out of metal detecting and the need to preserve historical artifacts.